All Saints Church – Swan Valley


The All Saints Church in Henley Brook is the oldest church in WA.  It was built by Richard Edwards between 1838 and 1840 with the first service taking place on 10 January 1841. Source : Wikipedia

Address:30 Henry St, Henley Brook 6055

The church build of red bricks looked earthy with wooden beams holding the roof strong. The tiny church bell stood firm on top. The church was lighted with 4 large windows , 2 on each side. It was dim and quiet as we sat on the neatly arranged benches. The church could fit 10 benches.


As I knelt down to pray (thinking of the 3 wishes I could ask), I noticed how simple and wonderfully beautiful it was. It had no fancy lights or colorful flower arrangements. 


Walking out of the church we looked around the place. The was a crucifix made from an old tree. We looked at the small cemetery, reading of the names on the graves. It was a poignant experience.


We spend sometime there clicking pictures and appreciating the wonderfully beautiful site. I hope you all liked this post as must as I loved visiting the oldest church in WA. Please let me know in the comments below if you have visited this church and if you have any other suggestions.

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