Christmas Gifts Under 20AUD

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

For this Christmas, I have decided to come up with a series of blogs on Christmas gifts. Please feel free to post below if you have any requests.

We are 45 days away from the Christmas Eve and all the store around have got in their fabulous Christmas gift collection on the racks. It is exciting and sometimes stressful to find that very special gift. So this blog will give you ideas to perfect gifts and not burn your pocket.

Note: All prices mentioned are in Australian Dollars.

1.Body Shop

Body shop has come up with a series of Christmas gifts with price range starting from as low as $6.00 AUD. I went up to store and found a few pieces that would be perfect gifts to someone who loves fragrances, body creams and shower gels. Check them out here

2.  Dymocks

Dymocks have created their own list of Christmas Gift Ideas Under $20. Do check them out here. For all the book readers, aspiring bakers or anyone who journals there are tons of gifts under $20. Listing them a few below.

3.  Lovisa

Lovisa offers a wide range of jewelry at affordable prices. Earrings, Statement necklace, rings and wrist-wear are the best gifts for your girlfriends. You can always match it up to their favorite dress. I am in love with their new acrylic earrings. Check them out here.


4. Typo

When it comes to quirky things, Typo is the first place that pops up. From shimmery journals to travel essentials, they have a variety of products that fit our budget.


5.Glasshouse Fragrances

The scent that needs no description. Glasshouse has a range of scented candles under $20.00.


In this post I have tried to fit in different types of presents as everyone is unique and has different tastes. Hope this post helps you.Apart from the one’s listed above, we have our all time favorite Target, Kmart and Colette. Let me know which one is your favorite Christmas gift shopping spot.

I am going to put down my favorite Christmas quote on each of my Christmas blog. Today’s quote is

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.

– W.T. Ellis.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite quote of Christmas is?

Next post on Christmas gifts to friends with pets. Until then happy gifting.

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