Wedding Look-book

A year and 7 months have passed by, and I still cant get over my wedding pictures. Every time I think about changing my picture on social media, I just end up looking through the whole album. So today as I was doing the same, I decided to write a post on it and give you all a sneak peek into my wedding looks.

The wedding ceremonies started with the engagement. Here are the 2 looks I carried throughout my engagement. Starting with a pink lehenga with gold thread work for the ring exchange and ending up dancing to’my desi girl’ in a  golden net saree .

After the engagement ceremony , comes the roce ceremony . Roce is a traditional Mangalorean ceremony equivalent to Haldi. So there is a roce ceremony on each side- one at the groom’s place and one on the bride’s side. This is what I wore for Deon’s Roce ceremony.

On the next day was my roce ceremony. I dressed up in the traditional Kirgi. Kirgi is the Sado (The red wedding saree) the Mother of Bride wore for her wedding.

After the roce ceremony we had a day off to rest. And then came the big day.

As a Christian, I chose to wear an off white gown. We weear the gown for the nuptials and for the initial part of the reception. After that we change to Sado (Red Saree) given by the groom.

I hope you all liked this little sneak peek.Please let me know in the comments below which among these was your favorite.

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