My London Bridge

The London Bridge was strong to let as many vehicles towards their destination. Everyone knows the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down”, (literally yes it did) and that is why we have a strong concrete and steel combined “Modern London bridge”.
           I am not here to give you the history of the world famous London Bridge. But I am here to encourage each one of you to build your own London Bridge. I work in Multinational Company and sometimes it sucks. The work gets so monotonous that I just want to quit. 
But then, I have attitude, a few call it ego. But I am proud. 

  Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than educationthan money, than circumstances, than what people think or say or do.
           The important thing that one should remember is we have a choice EVERYDAY.We cannot change what has happened with us, maybe we were born poor. The only thing we can do is plan on one thing we have, and that is our Attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. (Experienced it 1000 times). So it is with you. Only you are in charge of your attitude.
          Of course, I have a dream (not the song :P) , a dream to be successful , to reach on the other side of my Bridge. Lost your job, losses in your business, failed in exams, got rejected and many more things – have a positive attitude. A positive attitude may not solve the problem, but it will ANNOY enough people to make it worth the effort. Your dream doesn’t have a fixed frame of time, it can happen anytime and anywhere. All you got to do is hold on to it and YES- You are successful, what next? Start thinking about the next big thing.

         To summarize it all here, I say do not give up. You have done it all this way long, you think this is not my cup of tea and leave the cup, turn your eyes and see someone else tasting that cup of tea. Believe in yourself. You have it all to build your London Bridge. Remember most of your life is imaginary. To make it happen in real you have to believe. But believing something is not an accomplishment. Accomplishment is been there on the other end of the bridge, turning back and seeing all the strong architectures you made the full journey. Good Luck.

P.S I had written this blog back in 2012 on blog-spot. Posting it again, because I stand by every single word written here.

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